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In addition to providing legal services to entrepreneurscompanies, and legal departments,

We are part of your team…

We are your Outsource General Counsel — a proactive, efficient, and readily accessible team member. What does this mean? Through informal meetings, we can help your inside team understand legal concepts and details, to give you more trained eyes internally. You’ll be comfortable calling us, because we offer sensible, straightforward advice in plain English. We want you to call us for “permission” before you do a deal — not for “forgiveness” after you’ve closed it. This usually happens when people fear that lawyers “switch on the clock” the second they pick up the phone. We don’t.

We listen. We take the time to understand your business and to ask questions, so we can incorporate your vision and risk tolerance into documents and negotiations that speak your language. Just by way of an example, for one client (founded by an amazing pair of 20-something visionaries), we styled their Force Majeure (“Acts of God”) paragraph as “[Stuff] Happens.” You can probably imagine what the rest of their “boilerplate” looks like! And they were thrilled someone took time to draft a contract that would protect their Ass(ets) (as they would say), while speaking their language.

We have the experience you need…

After working for years in-house, we now put that experience to daily use in transactions and negotiations just like yours. Having helped others in your field, we’ll provide a broadened perspective to your in-house team dealing with legal issues. We are intimately familiar with the general legal issues that are critical to your success, and are specialists in Licensing, Internet, Intellectual Property and Asset Management, Contracts & Legal Strategies.

After getting a quote from 4 different (overpriced) trademark attorneys, we were recommended to Sandy Shepard at good solutions — and we found that her service was the best fit financially as well as expertise-wise; in no time she put together a spectacular response to the US Patent and Trademark Office that saved our trademark! More…

—Serge K., Owner, Banana Spin Café

We return calls and emails promptly, and are generally able to meet you when and where you need to meet. When was the last time you heard a lawyer say that?

We are more than just a law firm…

By taking time to understand you, we minimize the expensive, time-consuming “law firm attorney” approach. We offer excellent accessibility and turn-around time, regardless of the size of your needs or your company. Our goal is to retain you as a long-term client, and to offer the best value for your dollar.

We offer practical business solutions, not Ivory Tower hypotheticals. As our client you get access to our Rolodex® filled with our network of professionals. We continually update our network so we can offer you the best. Many of our clients have also become part of our Resources database. When was the last time you got business (not got THE business) from your attorney?

I never thought working with an attorney would be fun and enlightening. More…

– Tricia Bannister, CHT, Principal, InQuentra Integrated Development Business Coaching

We are not afraid to share our expertise and brainstorm with you. At a recent meeting over coffee with one of our clients, we were able  to suggest an entirely new line of products and an expanded target market for her. This allows her to change her business model from straight consulting to passive income generation (cash flow!). Let us help you do the same – let’s get a cup of coffee, sit back, and dream  … then strategize.

And we charge less than they do…

We don’t charge law firm rates. Frequently, our clients are able to participate actively in much of the work, which helps to reduce overall costs. Alternatively, our team can provide turnkey solutions. Our solutions are tailored, delivered, and packaged the way you need. Because we want to be with you for the long haul, we will take our cue from you.

Do you want us to walk you through the template contract we’ve drafted for you — so that you can negotiate it intelligently when the other side wants to tweak it? No problem. Or maybe you need us to take over those negotiations — flying to Cleveland for you, if need be, so you can do what you do best — run your business, not run around? No problem.

Sandy went to law school after finding — as a sales person — that the dreaded Legal Department was always a bottleneck; sometimes their glacial timing killed good hot deals before they could be reeled in. This knowledge and attitude permeates good solutions.

Sandy’s efficiency, knowledge, and dedication blow away the best high-priced entertainment and corporate lawyers. more…
—David Delaski, Principal, Ball of Waxx LLC

…we are good solutions.