Sandy helped me overcome my fear and loathing of attorneys. Her counsel saved me at least one day of my time. More
—Eve Abbott, Organizer Extraordinaire

So, what’s new at good solutions? On the personal front, Dawn, one of my “big black kids” (pictured at right) gave birth to a beautiful little colt, who we’re calling Spike. Some “proud grandma” photos can be found here.

On the business front, we have been busy, successfully negotiating contracts with Yahoo!, EarthLink, RKO Pictures, Nike, Macromedia, eBay/PayPal, Sun Microsystems, the Air Force, Disney, and Symantec, to name just a portion of the deals our awesome clients are making. As you can imagine, most of these contracts were on the other side’s “paper”. If faced with that “big company contract” we want you to remember one thing — you don’t need to roll over and “just sign” to get the deal. They will negotiate if they want your services — even if you’re “only” a sole proprietor. By having an experienced attorney representing you, you can look like a booming enterprise!

You need an attorney who can counsel you on risks, and explain what to expect. You especially need someone who doesn’t list these companies on her client list! If an attorney tries to entice or impress you by claiming them as clients…do you believe using that attorney will help you in your negotiations? Are you likely to get the best deal against a company, if it gives that attorney a few thou a month for doing outsource contracts? I don’t think so. You want an attorney who represents companies like yours against companies like those.

So what else have we been up to? We have been having a lot of fun on the speaking circuit, as you can see from our list. If you’d like us to speak on one of our SWATlaw® topics, please contact us.

I hope that your business is going great, and that you are having wonderful success! Keep up the good work, and let us know if we can help you.


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