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—Eve Abbott, Organizer Extraordinaire



It’s been a busy time since our last update. If you missed the previous Note, you can find it here. (I don’t have the heart to delete it altogether, because I like the photograph and the quote from my client too much!)

In the past quarter, we have been gearing up our SWATlaw® series of workshops, teaching Special Weapons And Tactics for managing risk. We have posted “Q&A” handouts for the series here. These incorporate questions I have been asked on a wide range of subjects, such as intellectual property, branding, contract negotiation and contract law basics. But it’s often less daunting and more fun to learn these subjects in a workshop or short seminar! If you’re interested, drop us an email or give us a call. Seminars can run from “brown bag chats” with your line managers (especially if they have contract signing authority), to full- or half-day business/legal workshops. The list is constantly expanding to include topics of interest to our clients – for example, we are adding “Human Resources 101” soon.

Another change since our last update is that we have been very fortunate to associate with Rob Schmidt as Of Counsel to Good Solutions. He adds a wealth of knowledge and experience in the business and tax arena.

On the legal and business front, even weekends seem to now be filled with business deals and client negotiations. On one notable Saturday, a new client sought me out to confer on a sales rep contract while I was carrying out my Living History duties in the 1863 Civil War bake house, during the Artillery Battle on Angel Island. She and I both noted that a digital photo of our meeting would have been perfect for this month’s Note! Alas – no photographer to commemorate the “lawyer as bake house mistress.”

Instead, and in keeping with the last Note, I’ve included a photograph from a recent trip to Tahoe (you would never know that winter is supposed to be well over). My “marketing brain” looks at this picture and sees a legal sherpa cutting a trail for her clients to follow – in reality, we were in virgin snow, and I was making a path so we wouldn’t get lost! We are doing altitude training for our trek from Mt. Blanc to the Mediterranean this Fall . . . and I thought closing deals with Nike, Sun, Playboy, and wrangling with the USPTO was hard work! It was a beautiful trip though, including all the sounds of nature. . . birds singing in the sunshine, snow slipping from the pine boughs, and my Blackberry® chiming away as I answered email from 9,000 feet!

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