Sandy helped me overcome my fear and loathing of attorneys… Her counsel saved me at least one day of my time… More
—Eve Abbott, Organizer Extraordinaire


This picture is no fake — Sandy was literally helping us close a financing round in the middle of her vacation.
—Doug Mack, CEO, Scene7, Inc.

A message from the boss:

In keeping with the election of Governor Schwarzenegger, we have pulled a photo of negotiations via cell phone — while in the Austrian Alps — to the forefront this quarter. The day after this shot was taken, further discussions took place while we were at a laundromat in the town that’s claim to fame is being our Governor’s birthplace. But that picture is much less, shall we say, picturesque.

I am feeling hopeful about the economy this quarter. I expect to be busy as a mobile notary public, as I’m seeing lots of movement in real estate, financing, and the like. I was even flying to Thailand (after investigating offshore corporate formation and accounts!), to negotiate and close a deal for a client.

Here at home, we have drafted at least a half dozen engagement letters and template contracts for clients that realize it’s high time to protect the businesses they have built. A handshake is great — but it just isn’t enough in this litigious age. Some of our clients have found that “big companies with big contracts” (Sun, HP, Sony Picture Entertainment, Sanyo, Warner Brothers, Microsoft, etc.) really will negotiate those “nasty 40 page boilerplates” when the client has something special that they want —which my clients do! Finally, we have formed at least a dozen new companies or LLCs recently. With our documents in hand, these clients have been pleasantly surprised that they can get their company through the red tape in Sacramento on the same day they receive our instructions, instead of waiting weeks (or months!) by going through an online service. They also get documents really tailored to them — not pushed through the same online incorporation machine like so much sausage. Or is that schnitzel?

This quarter, we also put our Team front and center. Although they generally work in the background, we couldn’t offer you good solutions without them. And in that vein, we have also added a Resources section. Our clients come to us not only for legal services and business strategy, but also for our network built through a decade in-house. Finally, we would toot our own horn, but with great Testimonials like these, we don’t have to!

Best personal regards — let’s go seal some deals!