We know what you’re going through.

good solutions was founded to offer a service we were unable to find in a decade of in-house work — good legal consulting that came from an inside perspective. We have run legal departments and understand the exigencies of business — you won’t need to explain what ‘quarter end’ means, or that ‘The Sale’ matters more than ‘The Contract’.

Let us be your ‘legal sherpa’ — we’ll shoulder your pack, hit the trail, and get you to the top — where you can get the kudos.

What good solutions can do for legal departments:

An Additional Generalist. Tend the legal aspects you don’t have time to handle and remove obstacles from your path; counsel, train, and educate your team, to keep everyone’s eyes out for potential trouble and aimed at your vision (e.g., brown bag or other seminars on trademark, branding, potential pitfalls, sweepstakes, etc.).

Licensing Specialist. With ten years of experience in the software/internet world, Sandy as negotiated more licensing agreements than all the members of many law firm teams put together. She can come in and get the job done, having seen the situation many, many times before.

“Legal Archaeology”. Review your past actions, contracts, and endeavors — to tie up loose ends and assess the legal health of your business going forward, especially if you are contemplating due diligence in a purchase or sale. Develop data-basing for your contracts and legal obligations, to help managing all contracts and IP issues, and make you look like a star to any venture capitalist.

Template Overhaul, Management and Negotiations. Template overhaul or drafting, negotiating and finalizing the deals falling off your desk, IP filings or liaison with your selected IP counsel. We can also offer services such as project management or outside counsel bill review. Just let us know what could help — we’ll get it done.

As a lawyer and a business executive, I am exceptionally impressed with her legal knowledge and keen intelligence, her uncanny talent to quickly get to the heart of the matter, to transform problems into opportunities, assess alternatives, and craft simple yet elegant solutions. More…

— Gerry H. Goldsholle, Founder & CEO, Advice Company; President & CEO, MetLife Marketing Corp. (retired)

M&A and Corporate Acquisition Due Diligence. We can research the legal health of a business you are considering acquiring, then craft the documents to help seal the deal. If you are the target of an acquisition, we can help you clean up your documents for due diligence, and understand what is in store for you in the deal process.

A Network of Professionals. Strategic alliances with legal and non-legal specialists. If you don’t already have it in your Rolodex, we can help you find the right expert — fast. Our legal specialists include patent counsel, antitrust counsel, labor counsel, litigators… we can help you enter into a direct relationship with them, and/or monitor their billings. More…

I am a business lawyer at Lanahan and Reilley and use Sandy for support for certain situations — she is always willing, available and knowledgeable! More…

— Michael Shiffman, Partner, Lanahan & Reilley