Your business is becoming more complicated. You may be worrying about things you never thought about at first — HR ramifications, protecting assets… what those contracts you signed, without having them first reviewed by an expert, might really say.

As a fully scaleable provider, good solutions offers a one-stop shop for your strategic business and
legal consulting. We can do as much — or as little — as your time and resource demands indicate.

As you grow, we can move from hourly or project-based rates to daily or weekly onsite help, becoming a fully integrated member of your team.

What good solutions can do for your business:

Disciplined and thoughtful, I wholeheartedly can recommend Sandy to act as your Corporate Counsel or General Counsel without hesitation.More…

— Jeffrey Antisdel, Legal Affairs Coordinator, FurnitureFind Corporation

General Counsel/Business Affairs. We are strategic thinkers who can also tend to the legal aspects of your business. We counsel, train, and educate your team, to keep everyone’s eyes out for potential trouble and aimed at your vision. We can also review marketing/sales/PR copy, helping spot potential legal issues while providing solutions to issues raised, and take on any task you would delegate to your own personal legal team.

“Legal Archaeology”. We help you recognize and reconcile back issues, such as reviewing contracts you have signed (maybe without even reading), renegotiate if necessary, then tie up loose ends and assess the legal health of your business going forward.

Contract Drafting, Compliance and Negotiations. We can develop or revamp your business contracts and templates so they don’t overwhelm you with legalese and help shorten the contract cycle, including non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), letters of intent, license agreements, co-promotion agreements, joint development agreements, work for hire agreements, employee/independent contractor documents, proposals, and the like. We also work on systems and policies for your business; help with strategic planning; and we are experienced negotiators.

Sandy’s breadth of knowledge in our industry, combined with her firm grasp of the law and ‘heads up’ business sense, made her instantly indispensable to our organization. More…

— Shane Campbell, CFO, Multimedia Live

Marketing/Sales Collateral. We review marketing and sales collateral, including sweepstakes and contests, for compliance, both on the internet or in your retail establishment.

Intellectual Property Management. We perform IP audits, and help protect, license and register your assets. This could include trademark review and filing, copyright protection, patent review and protection, trade secret or trade dress review, and licensing.

M&A, Corporate Acquisition Due Diligence. We can research the legal health of a business you are considering acquiring, then craft the documents to help seal the deal. If you are the target of an acquisition, we can help you clean up your documents for due diligence, and
understand what is in store for you in the deal process.

A Network of Professionals. Strategic alliances with legal and non-legal specialists in such areas as website design, marketing, branding, public relations, human resources, risk management, supply chain management, product development, and finance. We help you find experts — fast. Our legal specialists include patent counsel, labor counsel, and litigators — we can help you enter into a relationship with them and/or monitor their billings. More…

…all provided with practical guidance, self-help alternatives, and approachable strategies. We do not believe in ‘black box’ legal services — an informed client is a return client.